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Preparation for TMS Day April 25 in full force


Monday, March 25, 2013

Preparation of the TMS Day scheduled for April 25 is in full force now. We’re working hard on every little detail, going from papers for the hand-outs, evaluation forms, training certificates, a gift attendees will receive to of course most importantly the content of the sessions itself. The tentative day scheme will be:

Effectively using Flexcel for VCL & FireMonkey by Adrian Gallero, Flexcel architect

Adrian Gallero will give an allround overview of Flexcel and how the product can be used most effectively.
  • Intro: Technical background why OLE Automation doesn't cut it and why to use Flexcel instead
  • Details about the Flexcel API and using the APIMate tool to be more productive in using the Flexcel API and some information about what is not in APIMate.
  • Using Flexcel based reports and how they can be used for much more than reports. Demo of an entire application created using Flexcel reports.
  • Getting the most out of Flexcel rendering: exporting to HTML, PDF, printing, etc and how to make an Excel file so it prints fine.
  • Getting the most performance out of Flexcel in particular using the virtual mode, a unique feature in FlexCel
  • Using Flexcel with FireMonkey and using it in iOS applications with demo of Flexcel in the newest Delphi version and its new compiler for iOS.

Learning Aurelius by example with DataSnap REST Servers by Wagner Landgraf, Aurelius architect

A step by step presentation how the Delphi ORM Aurelius can be used to create an issue tracker from scratch.
  • Aurelius basic mapping/connection between Delphi classes and database tables
  • A look at the memory management concept of the object manager
  • The TAureliusDataset concept to bind entities automatically to controls
  • Overview of specific TAureliusDataset features: enumname, subproperties, lookup fields, entity fields, master-detail
  • Using & implementing queries from Aurelius
  • Switching between database servers, or how easy Aurelius makes it for you to switch database servers
  • Creating REST server and using Aurelius JSON serializer/deserializer to send/receive entities
  • Accessing Aurelius data from JavaScript

TMS VCL Components tips & tricks by Bruno Fierens, VCL component architect

Bruno Fierens will walk through several TMS VCL components showing advanced techniques.
  • Understanding and using filtering in TAdvStringGrid: various automatic filtering techniques from the user interface, logical operations between filter conditions
  • Using custom controls as inplace editors in the grid
  • Creating a custom styler & custom autocompletion for TAdvMemo
  • Using form-wide and application-wide styles for TMS VCL components
  • Various scenarios and use cases for TWebUpdate, the automatic application updater
  • Metro style UI’s with TMS Components

TMS FireMonkey components for business applications by Pieter Scheldeman, FireMonkey component architect

Pieter Scheldeman will unveil the architecture and features of the FireMonkey tableview and grid component.
  • Architecture of the tableview component, features, how its items can be customized and important performance aspects
  • Architecture of the grid component, design decisions, features
  • Using LiveBinding with the grid component
  • Customization of the grid via editing its style
  • Creating and using custom cell classes for the grid
  • TMS FireMonkey components for iOS, sneak peek at newest developments specifically for iOS with the new Delphi version

Connecting Delphi application to the cloud with the TMS Cloud Pack by Bruno Fierens, VCL component architect

Discover how your applications can benefit from consuming cloud services, getting data from the cloud, putting information in the cloud.
  • Consuming cloud services from Delphi applications
  • The OAuth challenge
  • TMS Cloud Pack component architecture and component overview
  • Connecting the VCL Planner components to the Google Calendar and Windows Live services
  • Creating a custom cloud service access component using the TMS Cloud Pack framework

Other than the sessions, the entire TMS team will be available all day at your disposition to listen to your project specific questions and suggestions. For location, prices and reservation for the last 2 seats, see

Bruno Fierens


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