Office style panel with sophisticated opacity, fill, shadow

Feature overview

  • Rounded borders & shadow support
  • Anti-aliased drawing
  • Opacity control
  • Sophisticated gradient, texture, hatch fills
  • Separate caption with optional font fill / underline
  • Background & foreground image at various positions with BMP, JPEG, GIF and full PNG alpha transparency support
  • HTML formatted panel content with optional hyperlinks, HTML specified images, ...
  • TMS TAdvFormStyler / TAdvAppStyler compatible for instant switch between Office styles
  • PictureContainer for sharing / reusing BMP,JPEG,GIF,PNG images
  • TGDIPButton container
  • Expandable collapsable panel
  • Support for grouping TAdvSmoothExpanderButtonPanel with TAdvSmoothExpanderGroup
  • Keyboard support to navigate buttons or expand / collapse panel
  • Separate stylish expander button
  • Support for image in button
  • Optional automatic increase / decrease height when adding / removing buttons
  • Button status indicator


What our customers say

Thank you Mr. Fierens for your time and assistance. Just want to say your VCL Pack is fabulous.

- Mark Mihevc

Thank you for this superb tool collection!

- Henning Swiboda

Thanks for the effort to create the VCL grid goodies ! These chunks of outcome-oriented teaching-material are very useful. It's unbelievable how powerful the grid is when one knows how to unveil it's countless options...

- Feichtenschlager Thomas

I don''t know how I could have created and managed so many projects without the AdvStringGrid! And although there is already so much functionality in it I''m using my own derived version with automatic column widths, enhanced export to Excel (including text colors, backround colors, comments, merged cells and more), the possibility to fill in static data at design time and more. This often allows me to build a new tool in hours instead of days! Support is also great! Thanks.

- Raß Jacqueline

Keep up the great work...Every new release of TMS Component Pack is like Xmas. Top quality components! :-)

- Aidan Thomson via email


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