Customer testimonials for TMS WEB Core

Thanks I will be upgrading. In the 30 years I’ve been doing development I’ve never been happier to spend $$$ on a product. Your product line is astounding. As a fellow wizard my hat goes off to your tech team lead by Bruno.

— Mike Margerum via Email
On another note keep up the good work over there I am loving the TMS Web Core saves me learning a million lines of JavaScript at my age, its astonishing how good and fast it is and the range of demos have given me some additional insight as to what's now easy to achieve for me in web development.

— Paul Krasnowski via Email
I just read the release notes about TMS WEB Core v1.8 Sirolo and noticed improvements about problems I reported. I greatly appreciate the reaction speed on such issues.
I installed TMS WEB Core v1.8 Sirolo and tried dynamic frames, which was one of my biggest issues. They work now. This is great. This results in so much cleaner user interfaces.
Thank you for this release.

— Huybrechts Michel via Blog Post
Thanks again for your great support & video webinars!
You have changed the way I build Delphi apps,
I can't begin to thank you enough for your products,
Looking forward to your next updates!
Please keep up the great work!

— Lawrence Green via Email
First thanks for the great product and great support.
Of course there’s a lot to learn when new to web programming.
But until now we have been able to solve all problems with your help and hints.
And each day bring a new nice surprise :) discovering features.

— Bo Nielsen via Email
You guys are making it very hard for me to not spend more money! :)

— Michael Margerum
That is brilliant!
Thanks for delivering us such nice framework

— WIERZBICKI Stéphane via Blog Post
The functionality of "faunadb" is quite different and looks just awesome!
Thank you TMS for exploring new technologies and making it available for us all.

— Kamran via Blog Post
I have installed the beta and compiled our app with it and no issues
Thanks for such a great product and excellent support.

— Andrew Cumming via Email
I'm really, really impressed with everything. And thanks for helping me with my newbie questions.
There is a lot of ground to cover when you start, but the possibilities are really mind boggling. I'm writing a blog system in WebCore, as a warming up for the rewrite of our webshop.
I'ts been a long time (I guess since delphi 1 and the first introduction of firemonkey) that I've been this excited. Feeling like a kid in a candy store right now!

— Filip Demuynck via Email

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