Customer testimonials for TMS VCL UI Pack

Thank you Mr. Fierens for your time and assistance.
Just want to say your VCL Pack is fabulous.

— Mark Mihevc via Email
Thank you for this superb tool collection!

— Henning Swiboda via Email
Thanks for the effort to create the VCL grid goodies !
These chunks of outcome-oriented teaching-material are very useful.
It's unbelievable how powerful the grid is when one knows how to unveil it's countless options...

— Feichtenschlager Thomas via Blog Post
I don''t know how I could have created and managed so many projects without the AdvStringGrid! And although there is already so much functionality in it I''m using my own derived version with automatic column widths, enhanced export to Excel (including text colors, backround colors, comments, merged cells and more), the possibility to fill in static data at design time and more. This often allows me to build a new tool in hours instead of days! Support is also great! Thanks.

— Raß Jacqueline via Blog Post
Keep up the great work...Every new release of TMS Component Pack is like Xmas. Top quality components! :-)

— Aidan Thomson via email
I must say that the increasing number of features and sophistication of your VCL components is impressing. Your components also inspires to add new functionalities to our application.

— Jan Andersen/Tickom via email
We purchased the TMS Software Component Pack and were immediately delighted by its exceptional quality. Since then, we've used it continuously in our SaleHoo Directory software, relying particularly on the TAdvStringGrid, TAdvGlowButton and TAdvOfficePageControl components. Not only have these components been excellent, but the support we've received has been top notch. If you're a Delphi Developer, then I have no hesitation in saying that you'll love this software!

— Simon Slade, CEO, SaleHoo Ltd via email
We have been using TMS Software in Traffic Travis since the very first version. We purchased the Component Pack and found them to be of an extremely high standard, heavily relying on the TAdvStringGrid, TAdvGlowButton and TAdvOfficePageControl components in our software. Not only are the components great but the help that is given is top notch, from the PDF documentation and demo applications to email support - Bruno and the team are exceptionally helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending the component pack to any Delphi Developer.

— Nick Fauchelle, Traffic Travis
Greatgreatgreat news, this was fast again!! Thanks to all the people at TMS for their continuous hard work for the Delphi world! I think without your TMS Component Pack and without your fast reactions in nearly every situation (new Delphi-Releases, fixing issues in TMS components, handling support questions etc...) I had left the Delphi world years ago.

TMS really rocks, keep up with the very good work!

— Udo Treichel via email
Dear Sir/Madam.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to uninstall and return the TMS Component Pack we recently purchased. It's just too darn good.

What are my clients going to say when I can now implement a whole screed of additional functionality so quickly and easily? How are they going to react when, all of a sudden, their applications look 10 times better?

And there are so many components! It's going to take weeks, if not months, to play with them all.

It's criminal, I tell you. You shouldn't be able to sell a component package this good.

I guess I'll hang onto it a little while longer, and try to figure out how to explain it to our clients.

Keep up the good work ;-)

— Paul Matthews - ProSouth Solutions via email
I am a registered user of several TMS software packages. For the longest time I have been using the TMS Grid to do everything that the TStringGrid never could think of doing. At work we ran into a problem that would require some features that would have taken me hours and hours to implement by myself on a TStringGrid (I am the only developer in my group) and we really had no time or anyone to pay for it. That was when I suggested the TAdvGrid. We immediately bought the whole component pack. That was back last December. Ever since then, we've used and reused the product over and over again in many different projects and have saved a great deal of money as well as time by it's use. My boss has been even more impressed by the fact that every update includes newer and better updates.

— Joseph Wilcock via email
Just to express my (so far) complete satisfaction with TMS Component Pack. I just purchased it, it arrived very fast, service was prompt and polite, emails were answered within minutes. The installation into BCB5 Pro worked great, and the components themselves seemed to work for a few quickie tests. Browsing the documentation further, there are some great components in this package.

— Martin Fensome in Borland newsgroups
I'm very pleased with the TMS Component Pack too. The support is excellent and the components are great.

— Rodrigo Gomez in Borland newsgroups
First, I've bought and have been using your component pack a while now, and I like it! I hardly use standard components anymore. So there's a feather in your cap. Congrats!

— Evert Haasdijk, KiQ
I have received, and investigated your TMS Component Pack.
I want to make a remark about it.
I am really impressed by it!

— Konrad Swart, Netherlands
Now that I'm using your HTML-based components (extremely useful), your planner control (awesome) and your web update control (very impressive), the TMS component pack has evolved into one of the most useful and unique (something which is becoming very difiicult to find.. all component libraries seem to try do the same thing in different ways...) libraries in my component arsenal.

— Keith Blows, South Africa
I just wanted to say thanks again for doing such a great job with the TMS Pack set of Delphi components. Not only is it a well done set of components but you've always been great with support and fixes.

— Scott Bussinger, US
Purchasing the component pack was a fantastic deal that I do not regret. You are always adding great features and enhancements and it is much appreciated. Thank You!

— John Mondry, US
For some time now I am registered user of your TMS component pack. I haven't used all of them yet, but I am very satisfied with the one I have used for now. Of course, TAdvStringGrid is a pearl, but also the smaller ones like CABFile and ShellDlg are real time savers.

— Marc Vankeer, Belgium

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