Customer testimonials for TMS Data Modeler

I am very excited about the data modeler and how well it creates the Aurelius script. I have just started learning Aurelius and with FMX UI components, Aurelius, the Data modeler and John's new book on MVVM in Delphi I look forward to the next couple of weeks! I believe this to be my breakthrough in producing better applications quicker. I come from a strong database modeling background but have never lost my love for programming. Up to now I always struggled to make the bridge to creating easy cool looking applications fast as I keep on getting tied down in the detail of the GUI as soon as I start.
The components you are creating makes a beautiful picture and makes logical sense in my mind to work together as a complete solution for the application layer.

— Johan Swart via Email
- Your product is by far the most pleasant tool to use. No other product even comes close to its ease of use.
- It is currently the easiest to use especially for those who neither want or need to have to spend lots of time learning some of the competitor's products.
- Data Modeler makes this an almost pleasant experience where you can work with a minimum of technical knowledge or be able to delve deeper where necessary.

— Bill Marshall via Email
I am very happy with you product, it meets just about all of my needs and is great value for money.

— Mike Hamilton via Email

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