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Finally, a chart control that hits the sweet spot! As a product, AdvChart has the right approach. It's still very simple to use, the price is perfect, the code is included and easy to modify to taste and things that would be hard to add later or by the user are already taken into account like multiple panes.

— Orlando Diaz via Email
I have tried your new "TAdvGDIPChartView : GDI+ enabled multi-pane chart component" demo and I am extremely impressed.
I develop applications using Borland Delphi 5 and for years now, the obvious choice for charting components has been TeeChart. Well not any more !!!
I often find that charting components can be a bit clumsy and awkward to use, but your charting components' properties are extremely well laid out and easy to use.
Also, when looking at the GDI plus demo, the quality of rendering and anti-aliasing is world-class.
Other charting components out there advertise lovely, glossy and shiny charts on their web site, but when you run their demos it's a very different story indeed. They are often poorly rendered and produce dodgy anti-aliased drawings, they are over-priced, etc...
So all in all, you certainly have the best charting component that I have ever came across - on the first release and for such a great price !
I was currently looking for a new charting component - well not any more ! I will be recommending that the company that I work for purchases your new charting component.

— Dave Scott via Email
Another great TMSSoftware component! And very excellent support and help by the TMS software team.

— Marco Boglione via Email
Thanks for a truly excellent IW component set, I am genuinely impressed.
... TMS Advanced Charts are just stunning !

— Pete Barrett via email
After using Tee Chart Pro and RiverCharts for many years it took me sometime to work through the differences with TMS Charts but - now I have worked through the learning curve the TMS Charts certainly deliver.
Thanks for yet another great set of components.

— David Case via Newsgroup

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