Windows webbrowser support in trial & registered version


Windows webbrowser support in registered version

Windows webbrowser support in the
  • TMS Pack for FireMonkey
  • TMS Cloud Pack for FireMonkey
  • TMS WebGMaps for FireMonkey
  • TMS WebOSMaps for FireMonkey
is based on the Delphi Chromium Embedded opensource library and can be installed and compiled by following the steps below.

1) Download and Extract
2) Open the package ChromiumFMX.dpk, compile and then install the package.
3) Add the directory where the ChromiumFMX source is located to your Win32 library path in the IDE (ceffmx.pas, ceflib.pas, ...)
4) Navigate to the directory where the TMS Pack/Cloud Pack/WebGMaps/WebOSMaps for FireMonkey source is installed.
5) Open the file FMX.TMSFMXxxxxWebBrowser.Win and comment the line {$DEFINE CHROMIUMOFF}
6) Copy the files inside the lib directory from the extracted file to the directory where your application executable is or will be located.
7) Create or open a new or existing project and build your project.

Windows webbrowser support in trial version

Full functionality of the trial version is limited to macOS, iOS and Android. Our browser solution for the Windows target is only available in the registered version of the FireMonkey controls. Windows is NOT supported in the trial version. The open source license of Chromium prevents us from distributing binary versions of components that make use of the Chromium source.