Example 64 : Using TAdvGridRTFIO for native RTF export

vcl grid RTF

Export file:

vcl grid RTF

With the TAdvGridRTFIO component it is possible to export a grid to a RTF file without the need to have any other software installed such as MS Word.  TAdvGridRTFIO is an add-on component that is included with TAdvStringGrid. It is a separate component and as such, when not used, the RTF capabilities do not increase your application executable size unnecessarily.

Using TAdvGridRTFIO is very simple. Drop the component on the form and assign your TAdvStringGrid or descendent component to the TAdvGridRTFIO.AdvStringGrid property. Call TAdvGridRTFIO.ExportRTF(FileName) to do the actual export.

Options for the export are controlled by various TAdvGridRTFIO properties:

GridStartCol, GridStartRow: sets the top left row from where the export should start. With this property you can control whether fixed cells are exported or not.


When true, HTML formatted cell text is 
automatically converted to rich text formatting otherwise the cell text 
is exported without any attributes

When true, grid cell 
background colors are exported

When true, grid cell properties such 
as font style, name, size & alignment are exported

When true, hidden cells are also 

When true, images are exported

When true, MS Word specific rich text 
features are exported such as column merging

Sets the mode for 

Sets the message to be displayed as 
warning to overwrite a file

When true, grid cells with rich text 
are also exported as rich text, otherwise the cell text is exported 
without the rich text attributes.

When true, MS Word is automatically 
opened with the exported RTF file


Delphi project & source files for downloading included in the main demos distribution for Delphi.

The project and source files have been written with Delphi 6,7. To use these files in other versions of Delphi, ignore any remarks when opening the form files and save the files. After this, compilation can be done. The error messages are due to properties included in the Delphi 6 form file, but not available in lower versions of Delphi.