TMS Grid Pack

TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid, TAdvSpreadGrid, TAdvGridExcelIO, TAdvGridRTFIO, TAdvGridPDFIO, TDBAdvGrid in one money and time saving pack

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v6.6.4.3 (March 14, 2017)

Version history

Feature overview


  • TAdvStringGrid: Highly supercharged string grid
  • TAdvGridDropDown: A multi column combobox on steroids
  • TAdvGridWorkbook: Multisheet version of TAdvStringGrid
  • TAdvColumnGrid: String grid with flexible column oriented property management
  • TAdvSpreadGrid: Formula-aware spreadsheet version of TAdvStringGrid
  • TDBAdvGrid: Data-aware version of TAdvStringGrid
  • TAdvPreviewDialog: Print preview dialog
  • TAdvGridPrintSettings: Dialog for setting the various grid's print options
  • TAdvGridHTMLSettings: Dialog for setting the various grid's HTML export features
  • TAdvGridFindDialog: Dialog wrapping all grid's find functionality
  • TAdvGridImportDialog: Dialog for help during TXT or CSV file import
  • TAdvGridExcelIO: Native XLS file import & export with TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid, TAdvSpreadGrid and TAdvGridWorkbook
  • TAdvGridRTFIO: Component to export grid to RTF files
  • TAdvGridCSVPager: Component to use CSV files with paging
  • TESBMathsLib: ESB Mathematics library for TAdvSpreadGrid by ESB Consultancy
  • TChartLink: Synchronize TChart's with grid's data in a codeless way
  • TFormCtrlLink: Component to link any TWinControl descendent as inplace editor for grids
  • TAdvGridFilterPanel & TAdvGridFilterDialog: Components for building filters visually for TMS grids*
  • TAdvDBFilterPanel & TAdvDBFilterDialog: Components for building filters visually for datasets*
  • TAdvGridPDFIO: Component for exporting the TAdvStringGrid content to a PDF file*
  • TAdvGridColumnPicker: Popup control that can be used to select columns to display in the grid. Columns can be moved via drag & drop between the column picker list and the grid*
* New components from Delphi XE and newer available


Through properties you can have:
  • Page number, date, time, title in footer or header
  • Different header & footer font
  • Use cell font and color from display or different print font control
  • Automatically splits columns over multiple pages if needed
  • Print selected regions from the grid
  • Set margins, print centered
  • Use repeated fixedrows and fixedcolumns for multiple page output
  • Automatic fit to page
  • See before you print with preview
  • Specify borders of each cell for printing
  • Additional custom printing
  • Wordwrapped, rich text, HTML formatted text printing
  • HTML formatted print titles


  • Set text alignment to Left, Justify, Right for each cell
  • Each cell can have different font & background color
  • Select from singleline, multiple line to automatic wordwrap
  • Show URLs as real clickable URLs
  • Draw ellipsis when text doesn't fit column
  • Hidden columns
  • Wallpaper
  • Rich text cells
  • HTML formatted cells


  • Automatically advance to next cell
  • Single key insert and delete rows
  • Automatic cells cut and paste
  • Masked edits with autoadvance
  • Immediate caret positioning on mouseclick
  • Automatic sorting when column headers are clicked with several sort methods and customizations.
  • Cell search functions
  • Cell editing disable capability
  • Different hints for each cell
  • Incremental key lookup
  • Dynamic scroll hinting
  • Easy & intelligent clipboard functions with auto fill and auto expand ranges & rich text aware
  • Enhanced row and column moving with position indicators
  • Automatic skip over fixed and read-only cells


  • Save to file, load from file
  • Save to CSV, load from CSV
  • Save to XLS, XLS sheets, load from XLS, XLS sheets
    (native support, without the need to have Excel installed)
  • Save to streams, load from streams
  • Save to HTML with color,  alignment and font markup
  • Save / load from formatted ASCII files
  • Save to Word DOC files
  • Save to XML files
  • Save to PDF files
  • Load from MDB tables


Have your choice of edit controls:
  • Normal left or right aligned edit controls
  • Masked edit controls with automatic cell advancement
  • Checkboxes, comboboxes, cell data bound checkboxes
  • Datetimepicker, timepicker, datetimepicker with up/down
  • Edit control with ellipsis button
  • Comboboxes and edit controls with auto-lookup and auto history
  • Integer, float, time, date, spinedit control
  • Button control
  • Radio button control
  • Use another custom editor
  • Expand/contract node controls
  • Rich text inplace editing


Add images to your cells:
  • Control positioning of image on top, bottom, right, left ...
  • Add icons, bitmaps, imagelist items and data dependent images
  • Rotated text
  • Multi image cells
  • TPicture, TFilePicture objects opening support for all kinds of graphic formats
  • Progress bar
  • Button
  • Comment indicator


A multi column combobox on steroids:
  • Full TAdvStringGrid functionality in dropdown grid
  • Can be used as inplace editor in TAdvStringGrid
  • Lookup or narrow down control
  • Search lookup text via search footer
  • Add graphics, checkboxes, controls, dynamic coloring etc... in dropdown cells


  • Simple formula editing interface
  • Auto recalculation
  • Single cell recalculation, full recalculation
  • Extensive range of mathematical functions
  • Save with formulas
  • Single cell references in formulas
  • Cell range formulas
  • Formula precision for grid on cell basis
  • Display formulas or formula results
  • Date / time functions
  • Intelligent formula aware copy and paste
  • Can be extended with custom functions
  • Cell names
  • Cell name mode can be RxCy style or A1-style
  • Formula & constants libraries
  • Inter grid formulas


  • Supports mousewheel events
  • Saves user resized column widths to .INI file or registry
  • Automatical column numbering
  • All kinds of routines to delete, clear, move, hide columns & rows
  • Selection of full rows & columns with mouse
  • Set column headers and fixed rows at design time
  • Disjunct row selection
  • Flat and proportional scrollbars
  • OLE drag & drop within grid and between grid and Excel, Word, ...
  • Group and UnGroup functions and grouped sorting
  • Multicolumn filtering

Extra information

New gallery of styles makes it easier and faster to choose a visually appealing look for your application:

Sample applications

Download pack of all sample projects for Delphi:

Download pack of all sample projects for TAdvColumnGrid for Delphi:

Download pack of all sample projects for TDBAdvGrid for Delphi:
  • ADOEditing : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing for ADO databases
  • ADODataImage : sample showing data-dependent imagelist images
  • ADOExport : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing for export from ADO databases
  • ADOGrouping : sample with TDBAdvGrid showing grouping
  • ADOLookup : sample with TDBAdvGrid for use of lookup fields with ADO databases
  • ADOQuery : sample with TDBAdvGrid and ADO queries
  • ADOSelColor : sample with TDBAdvGrid with value dependend cell coloring
  • ADOSelection : sample with TDBAdvGrid with ADO showing checkbox based row selection and retrieval
  • ADOXLSExport : sample with TDBAdvGrid and TAdvGridExcelIO to show native XLS export
  • BDEAutoSize : sample with TDBAdvGrid showing auto row sizing
  • BDEEditing : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing for BDE databases
  • BDEExport : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing for export from BDE databases
  • BDEFormatting : sample with TDBAdvGrid showing grid based numeric column formatting
  • BDEHTML : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing for BDE database and columns with HTML templates
  • BDEJPEG : sample with TDBAdvGrid with BDE database and JPEG display from BLOB fields
  • BDEMastDetail : sample with TDBAdvGrid with BDE master/detail relationship
  • BDEMisc : sample with TDBAdvGrid with BDE for miscellanous features
  • BDERecordCount : sample with TDBAdvGrid showing use of OnGetRecordCount for improved performance
  • BDERichEdit : sample with TDBAdvGrid with BDE rich text editing for memo field
  • BDESearch : sample with TDBAdvGrid that shows search in DB grid
  • BDESelection : sample with TDBAdvGrid with BDE showing checkbox based row selection and retrieval
  • BDESetRange : sample with TDBAdvGrid showing use of table ranges
  • BDESort : sample with TDBAdvGrid with BDE query sort
  • FireBirdEditing : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing FireBird databases
  • NexusEditing : sample with TDBAdvGrid editing Nexus databases
  • NexusMisc : sample with TDBAdvGrid with Nexus for miscellanous features
  • AdvDBLookupInGrid : sample showing how to use the TAdvDBLookupComboBox as inplace editor for TDBAdvGrid
  • AdvDBFilter : sample of TAdvDBFilter Component
  • AdvGridFilter: sample of TAdvGridFilter Component
  • CDSPDFExport : sample showing PDF Export
  • CDS : sample with a TClientDataSet
Download demo of TDBAdvGrid with FIBPlus.




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