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April 8, 2021

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TMS FlexCel 7.9
TMS WEB Core v1.7 beta
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TMS FlexCel 7.9

A new update for our product TMS FlexCel has been released.

What's new in v7.9:
  • The property LabelValues in IDataLabel changed from TArray to TArray
  • TXls3DRange now supports an external filename
  • Support for using an expression like <#joinedtable.tablejoined.\*> to make a generic report in only one of the joined tables
  • Support for rendering multi-level labels in category axis
  • Support for legend keys in chart labels
  • Support for functions SINGLE, VALUETOTEXT and VALUETOARRAY
  • Support for functions LAMBDA and LET
  • Support for "Label contains Value from range" option in charts
  • Hyperlink Base support
Available separately and also included in TMS ALL-ACCESS.
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#WEBWONDERS: Making web async easy

Even these Delphi developers who have only set the very first steps into web client development will realize that quite a few important functionalities in web clients are executed only asynchronously by the browser.

For the developers behind the browser, the user experience comes first and a UI that freezes is a big no-go. At all times, the user interface should remain response. The user should never get the impression that the browser or the machine hangs while navigating on the internet.
Traditionally, the browser developers solved this "issue" by JavaScript event handlers that are called asynchronously when the result of a certain operation is ready and meanwhile, any other code can continue to execute. This is no different in TMS WEB Core web client applications written in Object Pascal (but of course compiled to JavaScript by the pas2js compiler). Here, we typically solved this with the Object Pascal event paradigm. When a class instance method is invoked that can only have its result asynchronously, this class instance triggers an event handler when the underlying function completed. When the pas2js compiler also introduced support for anonymous methods, we offered for various such asynchronous operations, anonymous result handlers.

With the new upcoming v1.7 release, we overhauled the code already significantly, offering equivalent TJSPromise returning functions in many components and classes that were before based on class event handlers or anonymous methods for handling asynchronous behavior.
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TMS WEB Core v1.7 beta

Framework for creating modern web applications

TMS WEB Core v1.7 Ancona beta is available for TMS ALL-ACCESS and TMS WEB Core registered users!

Here is a summary of what you can discover in the TMS WEB Core v1.7:
  • Components wrapping browser API for local file access
  • Popup menu component and popup menu support in components
  • USB device access
  • TWebStringGrid & TWebDBGrid extensions
  • Async methods
  • Miletus framework
  • TWebSocketClient method added to send & receive binary data
  • TWebForm extended
  • New server-side filtering + multi-tenant support in TWebFireStoreClientDataSet
  • Numerous smaller extensions & improvements to various components & IDE integration
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