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February 24, 2022

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TMS WEB Core VSC v1.9.7
TMS MemInsight, Delphi runtime memory inspection: statistics and filters
TMS VCL UI Pack v10.7.4.0
TMS WEB Core VSC v1.9.7

Framework for creating modern web applications from Visual Studio Code with Object Pascal
A new update for our product TMS WEB Core for VSC has been released.

New in v1.9.7:
  • geMemo editor type added in TWebStringGrid
  • WordWrap property added in TWebStringGrid
  • Visual form inheritance support
  • TWebResponsiveGrid.OnGetItemTemplate event added
  • Support for custom images added in TWebDBNavigator
  • SelectCell() added in TWebTableControl
  • ScrollRowInView() added in TWebTableControl
  • MultiSelect option added to TWebResponsiveGrid
  • Miletus use of USB UART on Raspberry Pi
  • Miletus extensibility through libraries
  • Hyperlinks clicable with Ctrl key in TWebRichEditToolbar
  • Hyperlink button added in TWebRichEditToolbar
  • FindCellFindNext functions added in TWebTableControl
  • Filtering capability added in TWebTableControl TWebDBTableControl
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TMS MemInsight, Delphi runtime memory inspection: statistics and filters

Using TMS MemInsight is easy: drop a component on your form, set some properties and there you go. Altough the component and UI of TMS MemInsight are currently based on the VCL you can already use it in your FireMonkey (on Windows and without UI), Windows service or console applications or any other headless application, such as a TMX XData server. But in this blog, we dive deeper!

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TMS VCL UI Pack v10.7.4.0

Our bundle of over 600 VCL UI controls for modern, feature-rich Windows application development
A new update for our product TMS VCL UI Pack v10.7.4.0 has been released.

  • TVirtualImageList support added in TInspectorBar
  • TAdvOfficePage.TextAlignmentTAdvOfficePage.TextVerticalAlignment
  • THTMLStatusBar high DPI support for Delphi 11
  • Stop editing by setting Key = #0 in OnKeyPress() in TAdvStringGrid
  • RowHeight updating via Zoom() in high DPI / Delphi 11 in TAdvStringGrid
  • Popup toolbar behavior in high in TAdvRichEditor
  • Performance in TAdvRichEditor
  • MultiPanel mode with VCL styles in TInspectorBar
  • Lookup dropdown font high DPI handling in TAdvEdit
  • Behavior of TAdvListEditor on high DPI screens
+ various smaller fixes
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