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January 27, 2022

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TMS FNC WX Pack v1.3
TMS WEB Core v1.9.7.0
TMS VCL UI Pack v10.7.2.0
TMS FNC Maps: GeoApify
TMS FNC WX Pack v1.3

Powerful library for intuitive and flexible .docx document creation.

New release available for TMS FNC WX Pack!

New in v1.3:
    • formatted text
    • tables
    • images
    • table of contents
    • headers
    • footers
    • bookmarks
    • links
    • page numbering
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TMS WEB Core v1.9.7.0

Framework for creating modern web applications
A new update for our product TMS WEB Core has been released.

New in v1.9.7.0:
  • Editable dialog to add custom JavaScript libraries references
  • TWebResponsiveGrid.OnGetItemTemplate event added
  • Filtering capability added in TWebTableControl, TWebDBTableControl
  • FindCell,FindNext functions added in TWebTableControl
  • SelectCell() added in TWebTableControl
  • ScrollRowInView() added in TWebTableControl
  • MultiSelect option added to TWebResponsiveGrid
  • WordWrap property added in TWebStringGrid
  • geMemo editor type added in TWebStringGrid
  • Hyperlink button added in TWebRichEditToolbar
  • Hyperlinks clicable with Ctrl key in TWebRichEditToolbar
  • Support for custom images added in TWebDBNavigator
  • Miletus extensibility through libraries
  • Miletus use of USB UART on Raspberry Pi
  • Improved : Exposed OnClickCell in TWebDBGrid
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TMS VCL UI Pack v10.7.2.0

Our bundle of over 600 VCL UI controls for modern, feature-rich Windows application development
A new update for our product TMS VCL UI Pack has been released.

New in v10.7.2.0:
  • New : EdidType etInt64 added in TAdvEdit and descending classes with property Int64Value: int64
  • New : Event OnCanDisjunctRowSelectDrag added in TAdvStringGrid
  • New : GDIPImageTextButtonItem added properties ButtonImageMargin
  • New : Slider.Indent property added to set more indent to allow longer tickmark text in TAdvTrackBar, TAdvRangeSlider
  • Improved : Automatic handling of date/time detection for sorting in TAdvStringGrid
  • Improved : Using subdomain with CertCheck = ccDisabled in TWebUpdate
  • Improved : Handling of checkboxes in high DPI in TAdvListView
  • Improved : Use of TabMargin on tabs with & without image in TAdvPageControl
+ various smaller improvements & fixes
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TMS FNC Maps: GeoApify

TMS FNC Maps v2.4 adds support for a new geocoding and directions service in addition to the existing supported directions services from Azure, Bing, Google, Here, MapBox and OpenRouteService.

The GeoApify API service provides geocoding, reverse geocoding and directions. This service can be used in combination with all supported mapping services in TMS FNC Maps. Specifically in combination with the OpenLayers mapping service this is a worthwhile free alternative to comparable services.
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