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July 8, 2021

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Writing components for TMS WEB Core
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Writing components for TMS WEB Core

Here are a couple of resources that we wanted to bundle that can help you out with the TMS WEB Core component design.

There are different component types in TMS WEB Core and depending on your needs, you might select the best type that fits.
  • Components build from HTML elements
    In this component type, the component is rendered from HTML elements, like DIV, BUTTON, INPUT, IMG, SELECT, ... To render the component, we basically create such HTML elements in the DOM and attach via Object Pascal code technically JavaScript event handlers to the elements and manipulate the HTML element attributes, content & style properties.

    Read more in this blog article

  • Components similar to VCL controls that are based on painting on a canvas
    A VCL custom control is basically a class that will paint itself and that will react to user interface inputs like mouse, keyboard, touch... The painting in a VCL control is done via drawing on the TCanvas.

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  • FNC Components
    Use the FNC component architecture and develop the component as FNC component that will also work in a web application. This is another approach and comes with the additional benefit that your custom control will not only work in a TMS WEB Core web client application but also in a VCL Windows application or a Firemonkey cross platform application. And it will also work in the free Lazarus IDE with the LCL framework.

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