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June 24, 2021

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Framework for creating modern web applications
TMS Business Tools update
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Framework for creating modern web applications

TMS WEB Core is our framework for creating modern web client applications based on the modern SPA web application architecture.

You can develop your web client application using the famous Delphi efficient & productive RAD component based methodology and the fully object oriented and strongly typed Object Pascal language.

TMS WEB Core can be used on 3 IDEs: Delphi, Lazarus and Visual Studio Code.

Get full access to:
  • Web client development from Delphi or the free Lazarus & Visual Studio Code IDE
  • Classic web client apps
  • Progressive web applications
  • Electron or Miletus based cross-platform desktop applications (Win/macOS/Linux)
  • Supports FNC components
  • 70% discount for renewals
  • Yearly renewal only 115 EUR* instead of regular 395 EUR.
  • Full online technical support through TMS Support Center.
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TMS Business Tools update

New update for our Business tools are available.

New in this update:
  • TMS XData 5.2
    • XData Query Builder
    • Receive DTO objects in URL query string
    • XData queries in service operations
  • Aurelius 5.3
    • TCriteria.FetchEager method allows defining a specific lazy association to be loaded eagerly in a specific query.
  • Sparkle 3.16
    • Forward middleware processes x-forwarded-* headers for improved behavior of Sparkle servers behind reverse or edge proxies.
    • "Sparkle app" demo shows how to create a Windows application working as both VCL application or Windows service.
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