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March 4, 2021

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TMS FNC Grid Bridge
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TMS FNC Grid Bridge

Import/Export bridges to .XLS, .XLSX, .PDF files
In the last weeks, we've been working on a component to allow you to import and export FNC Grids to the xlsx file format. We've also used the opportunity to rename the existing "Grid Filters" and "FMX Grid Filters" to "VCL Grid Excel Bridge" and "FNC Grid Excel Bridge" because the word "Filter" has a different meaning in a grid. We hope the new "Bridge" naming proves less ambiguous.

Same as the "Filters" before, the new Bridge components are free, but they require to have both TMS FNC UI Pack and TMS FlexCel licenses.

Feature overview:
  • Fully functional interface between TMS FNC Grid and TMS Flexcel
  • Completely free for registered users of TMS FNC UI Pack & TMS Flexcel
  • Full native import/export to .XLS & .XLSX
  • Full native export to .PDF
  • Import/export various cell properties, cell images and more
  • Wide range of formulas supported
  • Virtually unlimited columns & rows import/export with .XLSX
  • Supports VCL & FMX
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TMS FNC partner

It is with great pleasure that we announce today there is not only a new partner in our TMS FNC Partner program but also a new innovative productivity developer tool for Delphi developers to manage better the workflow with testers & end-users for VCL and FMX applications.

New productivity developer tool

Runtime Toolkit from SwiftExpat helps developers to gather information & feedback from testers and end-users in a structured way and get and apply this feedback to the applications. When running the application, the users can enable a runtime inspector and modify any components property on forms and immediately see the effect of the update visually on the form. At the same time, the details of the update are stored in a file together with a form screenshot before and after the update and this can be sent back to the developer(s). As such, this is an ideal tool to let users send back corrections for possible language related issues, UI colors and UI control layout issues. And this is for Delphi developers building VCL applications as well as FMX applications.
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