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February 18, 2021

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TMS Web Academy launch
TMS Business roadmap 2021
TMS VCL UI Pack v10.5.2.0
TMS Web Academy launch

We are thrilled to launch the first version of our new platform TMS Web Academy almost on the same day as the 26th anniversary of Delphi. We invite you to join our first webinar planned for Friday 19th about "The making of the TMS Web Academy" platform.

Why create our own platform?
There are so many ways to collaborate online already, so why reinvent the wheel? Well, there are several reasons. Let me give you a few in no particular order:
  • Eat your own dogfood and show the power of TMS WEB Core
  • Have exactly the kind of interaction wanted for organizing webinars and online training
  • Use a web platform so it can be accessed everywhere and on every device
  • Be totally configurable and extensible to the direction we want to go with it
  • Tight integration with our website and user database
  • Full control over look & feel and branding
  • Offer a platform that is usable by everyone working distributed over the world for TMS

The TMS Web Academy will serve as our platform to organize online interactive webinars and training in a much more dynamic way than a physical event can be organized and serve a world-wide audience. We initially aim for at least 2 webinars per months and as we get fluent with the platform ourselves, introduce also more in-depth & highly interactive paid training sessions given by product experts.

Join us on a first free webinar on Fri 19, 15h00 UTC: "The making of TMS Web Academy", a webinar where you will learn how you can also use TMS WEB Core to create web based communication tools! Register now
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TMS Business roadmap 2021

Here at TMS, we are working on so much new exciting frameworks and features that we decided to share with you what we expect to bring to you in 2021!
This list only covers what is coming around TMS Business line of products. There is much more to come from TMS in 2021!

Everything listed here will for sure be smoothly integrated with TMS Business - either using ORM (TMS Aurelius) or REST/JSON framework (TMS XData), or any other core product, what is for sure is that everything listed here makes up a huge ecosystem around TMS Business technologies.

An exciting year is coming ahead! So, without further ado, this is what we expect to bring to Delphi world this year, with TMS Business.
  • GraphQL
  • TMS Auth
  • BPM Workflow
  • REST Server Authorization
  • Development for the web: even easier
  • Global filters and multitenancy
  • Data validation
  • Attribute-based event handlers

Our colleague and expert Wagner Landgraf will give a tour around what is developing in the labs during a free webinar on Feb 23 15h00 UTC via our TMS Web Academy platform. Participate and register now
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TMS VCL UI Pack v10.5.2.0

Create modern-looking & feature-rich Windows applications faster with well over 600 components in one money and time saving bundle for Delphi & C++Builder
A new update for our product TMS VCL UI Pack has been released.

What's new in v10.5.2.0:
  • Event OnCardItemAppearance added for dynamic appearance configuration per card item in TAdvCardList
  • Keyboard support in TAdvWatch
  • Property Navigation.AllowDeleteCells property added in TAdvStringGrid
  • Property DropDown added in TEditLink for TAdvStringGrid
  • EnableAcceleratorKeys to enable/disable keyboard accelerator keys in TAdvWebBrowser
  • Support for IME based emoticon entry in TAdvRichEditor
  • TEXEInfo returns different editions of Windows 10 versions
  • Gradient support in SVG engine
  • Improved : Disabled drawing in TVirtualImageList in combination with SVGs
  • Improved : Drawing performance in TAdvRichEditor
Available separately and also included in TMS ALL-ACCESS, TMS VCL Subscription and TMS Component Studio
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