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NEWSLETTER May 21, 2020

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TMS VCL UI Pack 10.3

Yet another major update has been released for our product TMS VCL UI Pack, which has already over 600 components!
Our active users get biweekly updates for this component bundle. And with these releases, new components are constantly being added and improvements are being made to the existing components.

As usual this release also brings new features and lots of improvements & fixes. What's new in v10.3
  • TAdvBadgeCalendar component introduced
  • TAdvRichEditorHorizontalRuler component introduced
  • TAdvDurationEdit component introduced
  • TAdvDualListBox Top, up, down and bottom buttons added to change the order of the items in the right listbox
  • TAdvListEditor WantTab property to shift through the items with the TAB key
  • KeyString property on TAdvTouchKeyItem in TAdvTouchKeyBoard to set custom text
  • OnlyShowStateCaption property in TAdvTouchKeyBoard makes it possible to only see the caption of the current state
  • TAdvTouchKeyBoard Support for multiple characters when SpecialKey is skNone and KeyValue -1
  • EditAlign and EditType properties added in TAdvMultiButtonEdit
  • Color property for TInspectorItem in TInspectorBar
  • HexValue property when Edit Type is etHex in TAdvEdit and TAdvEditBtn
  • Grid OnIsFixedHoverCell event added in TAdvStringGrid
  • Method HideHoverButtons added in TAdvStringGrid
  • Method HasHTMLForm(Col,Row) added in TAdvStringGrid
  • Property grid.MouseActions.AllSelectAllFixedColumns: boolean added in TAdvStringGrid
  • StyleElements property added in TAdvSmoothTrackBar
  • TAdvDBLookupComboBox BorderColor added
  • TAdvGridCSVPager.ColumnHeader property added
  • TCurvyPanel.BorderWidth property added
  • Tabs collection added to have list of programmable tabs in TAdvRichEditor
  • SetSelectionRightIndent() method added in TAdvRichEditor
  • Overload of Save() function in TAdvRichEditorHTMLIO to specify encoding
  • THTMLRadioGroup, THTMLCheckGroup inherited all TAdvGroupBox features
  • VCL Styles support added in TAdvMetroCategoryList
  • Property DisabledShadow added to THTMLRadioGroup, THTMLCheckGroup
  • ButtonTransparent property added in TPlannerDatePicker, TPlannerMaskDatePicker, TAdvMaskEditBtn
  • Various new sample applications added
  • Support for using ZIP files for distributing application updates with TWebUpdate
  • Packages included for use with Delphi 10.4 beta

TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code beta is ready for TMS ALL-ACCESS users

With this step and announcement, we're excited to have reached a new milestone in the vision of TMS WEB Core. From July 2018, many beautiful developments have already been realized with TMS WEB Core. So in November 2019 it was time to share our next step with our users.

On November 15, 2019 we unveiled that TMS WEB Core was also coming to Visual Studio Code. And now, today, after a huge amount of intensive work, we feel confident to give our baby in the hands of TMS ALL-ACCESS users.

So, we hope for a fruitful beta period with our baby in the hands of TMS ALL-ACCESS users. We will meanwhile work extremely hard to polish the product so we can reach the release stage within a couple of months.

TMS XData in a COVID-19 app: comments from the developer

Stephen Ball has recently posted about a new app released by the Military Institute of Medicine that is helping fight the spread of the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

Stephen's blog post describes with more details what the application is about, so here I will mention how TMS XData - our framework to build multitier REST/JSON applications - helped the team to accomplish it.

The project is headed by Piotr Murawski (Ph.D, Head of ICT, Military Institute of Medicine, Warsaw, Poland) who shared with me some more interesting information in the (kind of) format of an interview. Thus I'm providing the content more or less how I asked him. I hope you enjoy it!

Q: Do you have interesting screenshots of the software?
A: I attached them, two from mobile application (Android), one form Epidemilogist’s panel and one from a Windows Services.

Q: Do you have any idea of how many users are using the software?
A: Until today the software has been used by 1515 users from hospital and others institution. These users send 18031 results of Medical Self-monitoring Card. Each card have 8 questions and four are connected with COVID-19.

Q: Do you have any idea of the number of requests per day (or hour, or minute)?
A: As You can expect there is not a statistical even distribution. In reality it is connected with the hours when people start or finish they job.

This is a long term distribution (until today), where the first registration was 15.03.2020. As You can see a the beginning was “test time” and the peaks are as Monday to Friday, which is understandable.

Q: Is the remote (cloud) communication only done with XData, or are there other frameworks/communication involved?
A: The remote connection is done only with XData for REST Services.

Q: Is the XData server a single one, or load balanced?
A: At the moment we use single instance of XData server but probably we will use load balancer for it in the future – an increase in the number of users is planned. As you can guess infrastructure and software architecture was designed to get as short answer time as possible. This is why some task has been done by the SQL Server procedures or triggers to.

Piotr kindly provided additional information:

Application’s works on:

  • For patients and other persons: Windows, Android (8.0 and higer), Mac OS, iOS. Because I still have a problem to put them to the Apple Store and Google Play there ae available from the Institute’s cloud;
  • For Epidemilogy Department: Windows;
  • Infrastructure: webservices and some servers for test and service debugging.

If we will think about productivity there was impossible to do without TMS Software. As you can see in the table the system cost 129 hours one man programming with help of UI Specialist and Medical doctor. "

We cannot thank Piotr enough, first for creating such a nice application that is helping in all this crazy times we're living, but also in providing such detailed information about his software, and ending with such nice compliments.

It makes us proud to what have done so far and give us confidence and energy to keep moving on and helping people all around the world to be productive and accomplish their missions!

As always, we thank all users for the numerous inputs, feedback, comments and suggestions. This is an invaluable help to steer our developments here at TMS software.

Kind regards,
TMS software team
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