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NEWSLETTER March 26, 2020

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TMS FNC Cloud pack v1.2

Seamless access to cloud services from Windows, cross-platform and the web

We're pleased to inform that a major update is available for TMS FNC Cloud Pack.

Available separately and also included in TMS ALL-ACCESS and TMS FNC Component Studio.

TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on these 4 frameworks:

TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on different operating systems and browsers.

What's new in v1.2:
With the latest release (v1.2.0.0) of the TMS FNC Cloud Pack we are introducing Slack. One of the most productive collaboration service out there and we have created a component for you that allows you to connect, share, update, upload and download content on the various channels under your work project. Below is a list of features the TTMSFNCCloudSlack component is supporting.

  • Retrieve all the users in your Slack team
  • Retrieve the information and profile for a specific Slack user
  • Download the profile picture of a user
  • Retrieve all conversations in your Slack team or get a specific type as public channels, direct messages, ...
  • You can also get all the conversations that a specific user has access to
  • Retrieve the posted messages from a specific conversation
  • Retrieve the replies to a message.
  • Download the files that were posted in a message
  • Post your message in a conversation or a reply to a specific message
  • Upload a file to a specific conversation

TMS FNC Cloud Pack

The TMS FNC Cloud Pack was released in April, 2019 (, and has gotten a lot of improvements on the existing services. We have now added a new service (TTMSFNCCloudSlack) and are continuing our search for more services.

TMS FNC Cloud Pack is part of the FNC family and FNC is a cross-platform / cross-framework component library. Write your code once and target multiple operating systems!

TMS Cryptography Pack v4.1.3.0

Software library that provides various algorithms used to encrypt, sign and hash data

What's new in v4.1.3.0:
  • Methods to import keys in TRSAEncSign and TECCEncSign from certificate and private key file or string
  • ECryptoPack exception in all TMS Cryptography Pack functions

Available separately and also included in TMS ALL-ACCESS. Users with an active license to TMS ALL-ACCESS receive TMS Cryptography Pack v4.1.3.0 free.

Work @Home

The TMS team wishes you a good health during these difficult times! Not only privately but also for the business you are running / working for. We at TMS are currently working from home and are doing our best to provide you with the highest care at software level and support that we can provide in the current circumstances. Even working at home doesn't stop us from releasing new and exciting stuff!

We appreciate your patience and understanding!
Stay healthy and take care of yourself and your loved ones!

As always, we thank all users for the numerous inputs, feedback, comments and suggestions. This is an invaluable help to steer our developments here at TMS software.

Kind regards,
TMS software team
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