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NEWSLETTER March 12, 2020

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TMS WEB Core v1.3.6.0

Framework for creating modern web applications

A new update is available for TMS WEB Core.

Main new features in version
  • New in TMS WEB Core v1.3.6.0:
  • Property AllowTouch at base control level added
  • String helper IsNumber added in WEBLib.Utils
  • Sizeable popup dialog support added
  • Support for alignment in popup forms
  • Support to move & size popup form programmatically
  • Application.IsMobile property added
    + Various smaller improvements & fixes
Available separately and also included in TMS ALL-ACCESS. Discover more about TMS WEB Core at

TMS Subscription Dashboard

Our first public TMS WEB Core application

The new application is called TMS Subscription Dashboard. It is not a 100% replacement for TMS Subscription Manager as it can of course not launch Windows based executable installers automatically (talking about a huge security breach that would be) on every platform. But TMS Subscription Dashboard offers our customers having purchased a subscription to any of our subscription bundles information about the latest releases, the latest features, improvements & fixes added. It shows of course the status of the subscription, shows when it expires and offers a possibility to renew an expired subscription. Finally, it offers access to product manuals, product forums for support and a direct path to our social media channels.

TMS Subscription Dashboard is a PWA

A "progressive web application" (PWA) is a term coined for web applications that respect a number of requirements:
  • They are responsive: i.e. these web applications adapt the rendering to work optimally on a wide range of screen form factors
  • They can start offline: i.e. also with no internet connection available, the application can at least start
  • They are safe: the web application is hosted on a HTTPS enabled server and only routed from HTTPS
  • They can be installed on a desktop / home screen: the application offers a title, icon, description and can be added on a desktop or home screen for
  • future launching without needing a browser
  • They are app-like: When launched directly, the user cannot visually see it concerns a web application, it looks & behaves as a native application
TMS WEB Core offers the creation of a progressive web application out of the box. It is an application type. When you select to create a new "TMS WEB Core PWA", a new project template is created that satisfies all technical requirements to be a progressive web application. For the TMS Subscription Dashboard, this means we didn't have to do any specific effort in this area except specifying an application icon, title and description.

Access to subcription bundles only

At the moment it focuses on our following bundles:
  • TMS VCL Subscription
  • TMS FNC Component Studio
  • TMS FMX Component Studio
  • TMS Business Subscription
  • TMS Component Studio

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