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NEWSLETTER October 3, 2019

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TMS Business Masterclass

TMS Training Days 2019

In-depth training day on TMS Business tools, especially on TMS XData, with the expert himself Wagner Landgraf, architect TMS Business Tools.
For this training the attendees can bring their own laptop to work with and follow examples. Technical facilities are provided.

Limited number of seats available to ensure direct interaction!

All attendees will also receive a free copy of Introducing Delphi ORM: Object Relational Mapping Using TMS Aurelius, a new book about TMS Aurelius by John Kouraklis.
And as icing on the cake the author himself will be present for a signing session!!!

Release TMS Aurelius v4.8

ORM framework for Delphi with full support for data manipulation, complex and advanced queries, inheritance, polymorphism, and more...

Main new features in version v4.8:
  • Where attribute allows custom filtering when retrieving entities and many-valued associations. You can now add a Where attribute to an entity class that provides an additional SQL expression to be added to the WHERE clause of SELECT statement used to retrieve the entities. One use case for this is soft delete: you can add an SQL clause like "{Deleted} = 'T", for example. This will prevent such entities to be retrieved if the Deleted field in the database is "T". The Where attribute can also be used in a many-valued association to filter records retrieved in the list. You could have, for example, two TAddress lists, one for valid addresses and another for invalid ones, properly filtering those using the Where attribute.
  • TAureliusModelEvents component for setting mapping events using a RAD approach. Using events in Aurelius is now easier by using TAureliusModelEvents component. Simply drop it in a form and set the desired event handler(s) using the object inspector. It's as simple as that.
  • TAureliusManager component for persisting objects using a RAD approach. TAureliusManager component allows an even easier way to persist Aurelius entities. It encapsulates TObjectManager in a RAD way: just drop the component in the form, associate with a TAureliusConnection component and you are ready to go.
  • TAureliusDataset.ReadOnly property. You can set ReadOnly property of TAureliusDataset to true to easily put the dataset in read-only mode with a single line. This prevent data for being edited in data-aware controls.
  • TAureliusDBSchema component for updating database schema using a RAD approach. It's now easier than ever to create or update your database structure (tables and fields). Just drop a TAureliusDBSchema component in the form, associate it with a TAureliusConnection component and use one of this methods, like UpdateDatabase. It automatically instantiates and encapsulates the TDatabaseManager class that creates and validates database structure.

New blog article describing the improvements and fixes.


All-access 1 year subscription to the entire product range

As a TMS user, we would really like to welcome you in the TMS ALL-ACCESS world and therefore we have a special upgrade offer for you!

When upgrading to TMS ALL-ACCESS, you will be empowered to
  • Go cross-platform and bring your apps to almost any device in the world
  • Modernize your business logic with our Aurelius ORM
  • Build robust and high-performance multi-tier solutions and industrial-strength REST backends
  • Create web applications using your trusted Delphi IDE and RAD component based development

TMS ALL-ACCESS is the easiest and long-term most cost effective route to our entire product range:
  • You get full access to all our products including new upcoming products
  • Our experts are ready to give you priority support when needed
  • The yearly renewal cost is only a fraction (70% discount) of the license cost

Contact for the best discount upgrade offer depending on your currently purchased products.

Free webinar

Databases inside RAD Studio & Delphi ecosystem. Migration process (legacy to up-to-date, to another RDBMS), data layer architecture (ORM), data access architecture (REST API)

This is a 60-minute real-time webinar.
Participants will be able to ask questions during the webinar.
After the webinar, the registration holders will have access to a record and a questionnaire with the help of which you will be able to evaluate the technology that best suits your needs.

Webinar highlights:
  • Most popular data access patterns 10-15 years ago and today
  • Pitfalls of migration legacy versions of RDBMS to up-to-date versions
  • Pros and cons of migration to ORM instead of using regular practices
  • ORM for Delphi - TMS Aurelius from TMS Software (Pros and cons of the solution)
  • Pros and cons of migration to REST API instead of using "classic" DB access
  • REST API server for Delphi - RAD server (Pros and cons)

As always, we thank all users for the numerous inputs, feedback, comments and suggestions. This is an invaluable help to steer our developments here at TMS software.

Kind regards,
TMS software team
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