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ALERT July, 2019

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Release: TMS VCL UI Pack v10

Create modern-looking & feature-rich Windows applications faster with well over 600 components in one money and time saving bundle for Delphi & C++Builder

We are happy to announce that the next generation TMS Component Pack, named TMS VCL UI Pack is officially available for all active TMS Component Pack users!

Read all about the introduction of TMS VCL UI Pack in this blog article.

The benefits are:
  • Consistent & clear product naming
  • Moved to a new build & installer generation process allowing more frequent releases and beta builds
  • Builds of full trial versions for all supported Delphi & C++Builder versions
  • Faster migration & support to upcoming Delphi & C++Builder versions
  • Better install/uninstall experience
  • Upcoming integration in RAD Studio GetIt
  • Focus on support for high DPI and VCL styles across the entire TMS VCL UI Pack components
  • Brand new components : Kanban board UI VCL control and TableView UI VCL control
  • Improved PDF generation library with supported for adding rotated text
  • Keep components backwards compatible with TMS Component Pack v9.x components

New Kanban board UI control

New TableView UI control

Update: TMS Cryptography Pack

Software library that provides various algorithms used to encrypt, sign and hash data

What's new in v3.5.2.0:
  • New: HKDF algorithm, key derivation function based on HMAC
  • Fixed: bug in ECDH

Available separately and also included in TMS ALL-ACCESS. Users with an active license to TMS ALL-ACCESS receive TMS Cryptography Pack v3.5.2.0 free.

Update: TMS WEB Core v1.2.4.0 Padua

Framework for creating modern web applications

New in TMS WEB Core v1.2.4.0 Padua:
  • Application.InsertCSS(), Application.RemoveCSS(), Application.ChangeCSS() added
  • Role property added to TWebHTMLDiv, TWebHTMLSpan
  • Accept property added to TWebFileUpload
  • Element*ClassNames added in various controls for more CSS control
  • Introducing pas2js compiler 1.4.10
  • Bootstrap themes demo added

Available separately and also included in TMS ALL-ACCESS.

Update: TMS Business Tools

The ultimate tool for modeling databases with an easy and simple interface.

Update TMS RemoteDB v2.0
  • TRemoteDBDatabase.ClientId property allows identifying clients in server.
  • TMS RemoteDB VCL Server Wizard makes it easy to create a new RemoteDB server application using design-time components.
  • Server-side events OnDatabaseCreate, OnDatabaseDestroy, BeforeStatement and AfterStatement. Data is provided in IDatabaseInfo and IStatementInfo with full information about the database connections and statements being executed.
  • Automatic data modification using TXDataset properties: AutoApply and KeyFields. Allow for automatic data modification by executing UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE SQL statements.
  • Administration API for retrieving server status (database connections including last accessed time, client id, etc.) and dropping database connections.
TMS Business Subscription is available separately and is also included in TMS ALL-ACCESS.

TMS videos

Holger Flick, TMS Evangelist & Embarcadero MVP has recently made a lot of useful videos for TMS WEB Core, tips and tricks for TMS components, new release announcements...

Recently added videos:

The videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events:
  • FREE Webinar
    Date: July 31, 2019
    Organized by: Softacom

    Delphi component-based software development for building enterprise-grade mobile, desktop and web apps

  • EKON 23
    Date: October 28-30, 2019
    Venue: Meliá Dusseldorf

As always, we thank all users for the numerous inputs, feedback, comments and suggestions. This is an invaluable help to steer our developments here at TMS software.

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