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ALERT June, 2019

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Release: TMS WEB Core v1.2 Padua

Framework for creating modern web applications

TMS WEB Core enables to build modern web client applications following the single-page architecture that also other modern frameworks like Angular, vue.js, React employ...

We are happy to announce the release of TMS WEB Core v1.2 Padua!
For months it has been tested & evaluated by our TMS ALL-ACCESS users, TMS WEB Core registered users and trial users, now it is available for all!

Read all about this exciting new release on our blog.

TMS WEB Core v1.2 brings the following new features:
  • New support for Electron application development
  • New 3D web client controls for scenes, charts, math surface graphs
  • New syntax highlighting memo control
  • New IndexedDB support with an IndexedDB dataset component
  • New HTML treeview component
  • New HTML accordion component
  • New responsive grid panel component
  • New file picker control for easy access to local system files and improved TWebFileUpload component
  • New web camera, bar & QR code scanner & media recorder component
  • Latest pas2js compiler with anonymous method, class helper, advanced records support
  • Extensions to grid and DB grid to allow checkboxes, buttons, non-DB columns in grid, sorting, record indicator
  • Extensions for easier relative control rendering
  • Extended documentation (PDF developer guide)
  • Numerous improvements to IDE integration and framework

As mentioned previously, this version is available for TMS ALL-ACCESS users, TMS WEB Core registered users and TMS WEB Core trial users!

For TMS ALL-ACCESS users, simply use the TMS Subscription Manager and from there, you can download and install TMS WEB Core v1.2 Padua.

The v1.2 full version for registered users, can be download after login on our website under "Account / My Products / TMS WEB Core".

For trial users, the v1.2 trial can be downloaded from:

Note: first manually uninstall previous version!

TMS WEB Core v1.2 Padua tips & tricks

Framework for creating modern web applications

With TMS WEB Core and Electron you can create fully cross-platform desktop applications for Windows, macOS, Linux.

Tips and tricks :

Working with local files
  • Opening local files: Both save and load operations can be easily done for text files or binary files. A text file is loaded simply as string while a binary file can be opened as a JavaScript byte array buffer or a base64 encoded string.

    To do this with TMS WEB Core, you can use a TWebFilePicker on the form and implement the OnChange event. The OnChange event is triggered when the user has selected a file (or multiple files when WebFilePicker.MultiFile = true).

    From this event handler, we can access the selected files via the WebFilePicker.Files collection. This returns objects holding the filename, the mimetype, file size and file modified date. The file can be programmatically loaded by calling File.GetFileAsText, File.GetFileAsBase64, File.GetFileAsArrayBuffer. The browser will then asynchronously load the local file and it will be returned by the TWebFilePicker component via the events OnGetFileAsText, OnGetFileAsBase64, OnGetFileAsArrayBuffer.

  • Saving to the local file system: To save files, i.e. cause the browser to download the file to the local file system with the TMS WEB Core Application object.

Direct local file access from an Electron desktop application generated from TMS WEB Core on Windows, macOS and Linux using a single code base.
  • Read and write text files: To make it easy, the TElectronStringList class is available where the TElectronStringList.SaveToFile() / TElectronStringList.LoadFromFile() methods will directly read or write text files on the local device filesystem.
  • Read and write binary files: While the TElectronStringList offers a great and easy to use way to work with text files, the TElectronBinaryDataStream gives access to any file type on the local file system. Using TElectronBinaryDataStream, the file can be retrieved as string but now additionally the data can be retrieved as base64 string or as JavaScript array buffer.

TMS Consulting Partners

Our global network of certified partners

In June we announced our special partners program. With our certified consulting partners, we want to provide more service than ever for Delphi development.

Therefore, we've started our network of TMS certified consulting partners. These are partner companies we know, have a long term relationship with and that we know have deep and expert level knowledge in Delphi and our TMS software component products. Important is the presence of these partners in the same time-zone, speaking the same language, directly reachable by phone or in the office.

We have created a special landing page for our partners where you can find a partner nearby. With this launch, we can already present 5 TMS certified consulting partners in 3 continents: FlixEngineering in the USA (English), our branch in Brazil for South America (Portuguese & English), C-Quel for the Benelux (Dutch, French, English), Kassebaum Engineering for Germany, Swiss, Austria (German, English) and Softacom for entire Europe (English, Russian). We have added the areas of expertise of our different consulting partners on the landing page. While our consulting partners have expert level knowledge in Delphi and our components, there is also a direct line and close collaboration with our development team. So, our partners are always backed by our component development team and have an insight in our internal developments, upcoming products, ... so the partners can at all times make the best possible & well-informed decisions for helping Delphi users.

Visit the partners landing page for more information and details! We also plan for extending our network of consulting partners in the coming months and years. Especially in the areas of Asia, Australia, South Europe, South Africa where there is also a lot of Delphi development with TMS components going on. If your organisation is interested in becoming such partner, feel free to reach out & discuss.

TMS VCL landingpage

Overview of all our VCL components at a glance!

Discover the infinite list of our component products for different areas of Windows application development, including UI components, serial communications, scripting, Excel/PDF reporting, user management, scheduling, Unicode, instrumentation controls, plugin framework, diagramming, workflow, mailmerge, ... and many more in only one page!

On our landing page you will get an overview of our VCL products, the various price bundles and our promotions!

TMS Spotlight

This month we want to put David Akerman, TMS ALL-ACCESS user, in the spotlight!
David Akerman is a High-altitude balloonist who is also a great blogger. For his recent projects he has been using TMS WEB Core and many other TMS products.

Here is a quote from his latest blog:
Now though, for Delphi programmers, there’s a new kid on the block in the form of TMS Web Core. Whereas Intraweb built a server executable or module, TMS Web Core creates a web app consisting of HTML and JavaScript. For those like me with extensive Delphi experience and pretty much zero JavaScript experience, it makes the creation of web apps a fairly familiar experience. I use TMS software extensively in my day job, so I know it’s all high quality stuff.

Read his full blog article.

In case you are curious about his project, the application is available here.

Special June offers!

Special June offers:

With the TMS WEB Core v1.2 Padua release we have special promotions going on:

Please contact and choose your discount!

NOTE: These offers are valid until June 30, 2019!

As always, we thank all users for the numerous inputs, feedback, comments and suggestions. This is an invaluable help to steer our developments here at TMS software.

Kind regards,
TMS software team
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