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ALERT December, 2018

In this alert ...

We are happy to inform you that TMS WEB Core v1.1 Verona is released. This update brings new features and several improvements and fixes.
TMS WEB Core enables to build modern web client applications following the single-page architecture that also other modern frameworks like Angular, vue.js, React employ...

With TMS WEB Core v1.1 Verona, the following features has been added:
  • Progressive web apps (PWA) support
  • Google chart support added
  • Sign in support for Facebook and Google added
  • Google ReCaptcha v3.0 support added
  • AutoCompletion control added
  • PayPal support added
  • Accelerator key support added
  • Beta support for Lazarus
  • DB aware AutoCompletion control added
  • DB aware combobox added
  • ClientDataSet improvements

For TMS ALL-ACCESS users, simply use the TMS Subscription Manager and from there, you can download and install TMS WEB Core v1.1 Verona

Note: first manually uninstall previous version!

A significant update for our product TMS FNC UI Pack has been released. This major update brings many new components.

TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on these 4 frameworks:

TMS FNC Controls can be simultaneously used on different operating systems and browsers.

What's new in v2.5:
  • TTMSFNCDateTimePicker
    • Option to switch between analog and digital time picker
    • Uses TTMSFNCCalendar, TTMSFNCAnalogTimePicker and TTMSFNCDigitalTimePicker


  • TTMSFNCFontDialog
    • List of available fonts
    • Size, style and color selection
    • Font preview


    • 3 available types: IPv4, IPv6, MAC
    • The fields only accept characters that are allowed by the selected type


  • TTMSFNCCheckBox / TTMSFNCRadioButton
    • HTML formatted text support
    • Custom image can be used for the checkbox/radio button widget



Tuesday Dec 18 we organised again a free meetup for Delphi enthusiasts to learn & see the latest developments for TMS WEB Core here in our offices. We were pleased to see over 30 Delphi developers from Belgium and The Netherlands.

On the agenda, we had:
  • 14h00 – 14h30 : Anonymous methods, Matthias Gaertner
    • Upcoming support for anonymous methods in the pas2js Pascal to JavaScript compiler
  • 14h30 – 15h00 : Bluetooth, Matthias Gaertner
    • The use of bluetooth device communication directly from the browser
  • 15h15 – 16h00 : TMS WEB Core use case, Filip Lagrou
  • 16h15 – 17h15 : TMS WEB Core Verona 1.1, Bruno Fierens
    • Progressive Web Application
    • Accelerator key support and autocompletion edit control
    • PayPal payment integration

    The slides from the presentation can be downloaded here

    In between the sessions, we received a big surprise. As the chief editor Detlef Overbeek from the Blaise Pascal magazine was present, he took the opportunity to hand-out the yearly magazine award for our TMS WEB Core / FNC developments. It's clear we were very honored with this award and this unplanned surprise during our meetup event.

    More pictures can be found on our Facebook page

    After these content-heavy sessions, we took plenty of time to sit together and enjoy tapas and wine. It was great to mingle with Delphi enthusiasts, learn about the fantastic projects each of us are creating with Delphi and brainstorm about future exciting things to do with Delphi.

Holger Flick, TMS Evangelist & Embarcadero MVP has recently made a lot of useful videos for TMS: events announcements, tips and tricks for TMS components, new release announcements...

Recently added videos:

Happy New Year

We hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter through the New Year.
We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the trust you have placed in us and best wishes for 2019. This holiday season, we are looking back with appreciation for your loyalty and looking forward to moving into the New Year together.

Happy 2019 from the entire team at TMSsoftware.

As always, we thank all users for the numerous inputs, feedback, comments and suggestions. This is an invaluable help to steer our developments here at TMS software.

Kind regards,
TMS software team
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