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Marker Labels

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Topic: Marker Labels
Posted By: Moorhouse David
Subject: Marker Labels
Date Posted: 27 Jun 2017 at 9:50pm
Adding a label to a map Marker gives a strange display.  I want to add a simple text character as per the google demo at -

The google code shows the character nicely placed on top of the map marker.
Using the label property of TMarker adds the marker in a bordered box with a  white background and it is offset from the map Marker. - very ugly.

Here's my code to create the marker (reading the lat/long from a dataset):

class function TMapUtils.CreateMarker(DataSet: TDataSet; Markers: TMarkers; Flat: Boolean = true): TMarker;
// create marker using TMS code
  Result := Markers.Add(DataSet.FieldByName('lat').AsFloat, DataSet.FieldByName('long').AsFloat,
    DataSet.FieldByName('Address1').AsString, '', false, true, true, Flat, false, -1, TMarkerIconColor.icGreen);

  Result.Title := DataSet.FieldByName('address1').AsString;
  Result.Data := '{"siteid":' + DataSet.FieldByName('siteId').AsString + '}';

  Result.MapLabel.Text := 'B';

 //NB: hack for proof of concept - elevated private field in TMarkers to protected to get this working
// versus create marker using  javascript - offset a little so we can see the difference
  (TMarkersAccess(Markers).FWebGMaps as TTMSFMXWebGMaps)
    .ExecJScript('var marker = new google.maps.Marker({' + 'position:   { lat:' + FloatToStr(DataSet.FieldByName('lat').AsFloat +
    0.01) + ', lng: ' + FloatToStr(DataSet.FieldByName('long').AsFloat + 0.01) + ' }, ' + 'label: "B", ' + 'map: map  ' + '}); '  );

The forum doesn't support images but I'm happy to email an example through.

Posted By: Bart Holvoet
Date Posted: 28 Jun 2017 at 10:46am

- Please note that the internal marker label character is only supported when the IconColor is set to icDefault.
This is a limitation of the Google Maps API.

  WebGMaps1.Markers.Add(WebGMaps1.MapOptions.DefaultLatitude, WebGMaps1.MapOptions.DefaultLongitude);
  WebGMaps1.Markers[0].Text := 'B';

- The MapLabel.Text which you are using in your sample code will display a label outside the Marker which can fit more text.
The label colors are configurable.

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