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WebDBGrid and non XDATA connection

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Topic: WebDBGrid and non XDATA connection
Posted By: Gomezel Dino
Subject: WebDBGrid and non XDATA connection
Date Posted: 26 Aug 2018 at 11:50am
I have the following setup,

  WebClientConnection1.Active := False;
  WebClientConnection1.Active := true;

The server provides this simple response:
      "status" : "Failed channels",
      "count" : 0
      "count" : 0,
      "status" : "Warned channels"
      "count" : 89,
      "status" : "Active channels"
      "count" : 89,
      "status" : "Total channels"

The error is:
TypeError: td.firstChild is null | this.SetRowHeights@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:32650:17 this.RowCountChanged@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:33795:33 this.SetRowCount@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:32428:9 this.ActiveChange@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:39409:9 cb@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:210:16 this.ActiveChanged@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:37561:41 this.CheckActiveAndEditing@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:30948:9 this.DataEvent@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:31012:9 this.DistributeEvent@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:31264:37 this.ProcessEvent@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:31288:7 this.DataEvent@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:29743:11 this.SetState@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:30209:9 this.OpenCursorcomplete@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:30042:11 this.SetActive@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:30070:63 this.SetActive@http://localhost:8000/xctv/xctv.js:32341:7 ---------------------
Seeems like WebClient connection cannot handle when datanode is not defined.

Please advise how to solve it, as I cannot Modify the server.

Posted By: Dino Gomezel
Date Posted: 27 Aug 2018 at 7:45am
Have found the problems relies how to serve JSON,
After changing the server the connection went OK.

In my case this project saved my back: -

Posted By: Bruno Fierens
Date Posted: 27 Aug 2018 at 7:40pm
Thanks for informing a solution was found

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