Technical questions

Installing multiple trial distributions

As Delphi & C++Builder perform strict binary compatibility checks on binary distributed units such as trial versions of the components, this can cause a problem when using multiple different binary component distributions that have a shared unit (such as the PictureContainer or AdvStyleIF unit) This will prevent the installation of multiple binary trial distributions at the same time in Delphi or C++Builder. The only workaround to use these different trial distribution is to install these in different folders and use the different component packages alternatingly for evaluation purposes. The purchased versions of the components which are delivered with full source code do not have this limitation.

Installing trial versions in Delphi 64bit

Trial versions are limited to 32bit only. Registered version that is provided with full source code can be compiled to 64bit.

Using TMS VCL UI Pack in 32bit or 64bit applications

TMS VCL UI Pack supports development of both 32bit and 64bit Windows VCL applications with Delphi and C++Builder. This article describes the steps needed to succesfully create 32bit and 64bit Windows VCL applications using TMS Components.

Starter edition

All our products are designed for and tested with the Professional/Enterprise/Architect versions of Delphi & C++Builder. We do not officially support the Starter editions of Delphi or C++Builder as there are several limitations in these products. Although the limitations are slightly different for different Delphi or C++Builder versions, main reasons are the disabled command line compiler and missing support for datasets. It might for some components be technically possible to use the components with a Starter edition but we cannot provide official support for this edition unfortunately.

Using components with trial versions of Delphi or C++Builder

Embarcadero does NOT support the use of binary component distributions with trial version of Delphi or C++Builder or the free Turbo Explorer IDEs. As such, it is not possible to use TMS Component evaluation distributions with trial versions of Delphi or C++Builder or the free Turbo Explorer IDEs. You can use registered full source based versions of the TMS Components though with trial versions of Delphi or C++Builder (not with the free Turbo Explorer IDEs).

Installing registered versions of TMS Components in trial versions of Delphi or C++Builder

Many TMS Components registered versions come with an automatic installer. This automatic installer will use the command line compiler as a step to install the components. The command line compiler that comes with trial versions of Delphi or C++Builder will not work though, preventing the automatic install. In this case, just let the installer unpack the source code and follow the steps in the file INSTALL.TXT to install the packages manually by compiling from the IDE.

Installing component updates

Before installing component updates, make sure that ALL old version files (DCU, BPL, BPI, LIB, DCP, HPP, OBJ .. files) are removed from your Delphi or C++Builder library path. After installing new component versions and compiling applications that have been build with previous component versions, property errors can be raised upon running the applications. This is a common Delphi or C++Builder phenomenon. Solve this by first opening ALL forms in the application that use the updated component, ignore ALL property errors upon opening the forms, save the form files and after this, rebuild the application. The problem will be solved.

Design time issues with TMS VCL UI Pack

When using the TMS VCL UI Pack components and problems appear such as
  • "Could not Load Image, Invalid Format" error when assigning an image to picture components
  • Right click menus do not appear for TAdvNavBar, TAdvPageControl, TAdvToolBar, ToolPanels, grids, planners etc...
  • TAdvToolBarButton, TAdvTabSheet, TAdvOfficePage ... cannot be found error when opening a project
this means you have not installed the design time package as instructed in INSTALL.TXT and README.TXT. Make sure to install the TMSDExx.DPK package and this issue will be solved.

TMS VCL UI Pack Pro components appear on the Delphi 2006 palette but not on the C++Builder 2006 palette

Uninstall the TMS VCL UI Pack package files (TMSD2006.bdsproj & TMSDED2006.bdsproj). Reopen the project file TMSD2006.bdsproj and verify in the options that on the linker tab, the setting "Generate all C++ files" is checked. Rebuild & install the TMSD2006.bdsproj package. Repeat these steps also for TMSDED2006.bdsproj.

The compiler cannot find the "registry.dcu, classes.dcu, windows.dcu, ..." files

This means your unit scope names are not setup correct in your project. Please see the unit scope settings in your project and make sure it is set to:

When installing components in C++Builder 2006 the error : "Delphi personality is required to load project" appears

The install process of components in C++Builder 2006 requires that the Delphi personality is loaded. Start the IDE with all personalities & proceed to install the components. After installing the components, you can restart the IDE with only the C++Builder personality.

Error : procedure entry point could not be found

When errors are raised upon running the applications such as "procedure @... of the procedure entry point @... could not be located", make sure to scan your hard disk for ALL old versions of TMS .BPL and TMS .DCP files and delete ALL old versions. This error can appear when a newer package is built- with another package of which an old version is found first in the system path.

IDE updates

Always make sure to have the latest update packs installed for the IDE that is used. For Delphi 6, make sure that the RTL3 update is also installed. If this is not the case, this can for some components result in the error : "Unit XXXXX was compiled with a different version of VarUtils.VarDateFromStr".

After uninstalling a component and installing a component update, some components no longer appear on the palette

Delphi or C++Builder has most likely moved the component to hidden components because of the uninstall. Go to the Configure Palette menu and unhide the component and these should reappear correct on the component palette.

After installing the registered version the message dialog: "Application uses trial version of TMS Software components. Contact TMS software for valid licensing." appears when running my application.

Before installing a registered version, first delete ALL old version files. This includes ALL old TMS *.DCU, *.OBJ, *.HPP, *.BPL, *.DCP, *.BPI, *.LIB files. Look for files in your FULL Delphi or C++Builder library path as well as Windows\System and Windows\System32 directories.

Problem with DsgnIntf or DesignIntf not found

Open the package file editor and in the requires list, add DesignIde.dcp (Delphi) or DesignIde.bpi (C++Builder)

Problem with constants declared in different units with the same name

Delphi or C++Builder supports that constants in different units with the same name are used simultaneously. For example, the constant psOffice2003Blue is declared in both AdvPanel.pas & AdvOfficePagerStylers.pas. To use these constants in an application that uses both units, prefix the constant with its namespace, ie:

For a TAdvPanel style, use AdvPanel.psOffice2003Blue and for a TAdvOfficePager style use AdvOfficePagerStylers.psOffice2003Blue

Problem with compilig C++ 64bit applications: "invalid object file gdiplus.lib"

This means that your 64bit include path points to HPP files generated for 32bit (AdvGDIP.HPP). Make sure your 64bit include path holds only folders where HPP files are that were generated by compiling the component packages to 64bit. For general information on compiling for 64bit, please see this articele

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