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TMS ASP.NET iPhone Controls Pack

Set of ASP.NET components to create web applications for mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android that offer a look & feel very close to native applications

The TMS ASP.NET iPhone Controls Pack has been designed for and tested with iPhone, iPad,, Android.
Please note the TMS ASP.NET iPhone Controls Pack is not intended to be used in common desktop browsers like Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, ...

Feature overview

19 components for ASP.NET to create iPhone/iPad Web applications including :



  • Edit in iPhone style with rounded corners
  • Full webkit based rendering, no images used
  • Configurable action button
  • Configurable keyboard type


  • Web implementation of the native iOS date/time selector wheel control
  • Full webkit / HTML5 based rendering, no images used
  • Configurable collection of Slots
  • Built-in date and time selector
  • Smooth iPhone style scrolling
IPhoneSpinner IPhoneSpinner

IPhonePopup IPhonePopup


  • iPhone / iPad style popup control
  • Full webkit based rendering, no images used
  • Built-in configurable collection of iPhone / iPad style buttons
  • Can host custom content by adding a panel that can contain any control
  • Extensive control over positioning

iPhonePhoneLabel, iPhoneEmailLabel, iPhoneSMSLabel, iPhoneLocationLabel

  • Label starting iPhone dialer app with predefined phone number
  • Label starting iPhone email app with predefined email and optional predefined subject, body text, CC email and BCC email
  • Label starting iPhone SMS app with predefined phone number
  • Label starting iPhone maps app with predefined location and optional destination


iPhoneHeader & iPhoneFooter

iPhoneHeader & iPhoneFooter

  • iPhone application header control
  • Optional button left & right with text and/or image
  • Optional arrow shape back button
  • No images used for rendering
  • Clientside events for button clicks
  • iPhone application footer control
  • Optional graphic element left & right


  • iPhone application menu control
  • Collection of menu items with text
  • iPhone style status indicator per item
  • Client-side Javascript events




  • iPhone style list control
  • Supports standard list mode & settings mode
  • In settings mode, items can be organized in sections
  • Image, value, caption and notes per item
  • Smooth iPhone style scrolling & scroll indicator
  • Can show detail in connection with TIWiPhonePageFlip
  • No images used for rendering
  • Extensive control over appearance: colors, margin, font
  • Standard iPhone look & feel colors
  • Client-event for item clicks


  • Non visual component to retrieve the current geographic location
  • Retrieve location as a street address or as latitude/longitude coordinates


  • Webkit based animation between panels
  • Client-side animation
  • Different animation types configuration


  • On/off toggle button in iPhone style with rounded corners
  • Animation when toggling state
  • Three built-in styles: normal, system, custom
  • States can be represented by text
  • No images used for rendering



  • Button in iPhone style with rounded corners
  • Optionally add image in button


  • iPhone style trackbar
  • Full webkit based rendering, no images


  • Panel for easy design time configuration of iPhone/iPad size screens


  • Panel for displaying scrollable content


  • Non visual component to define different global iPhone/iPad application settings
  • Can define iPhone/iPad application button icon
  • Can define iPhone/iPad application splashscreen

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TMS ASP.NET iPhone Controls Pack
for Visual Studio .NET 2010

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  1. License for commercial use: Single developer license, Site license
  2. Includes full source code
  3. Free updates for a full version cycle (from v1.1 to v2.0) or maximum 2 years of free updates
  4. Free priority support through email and forum

Single developer license
for 1 developer

€ 95

Site license
for unlimited
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