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May 2015

Monday, April 25, 2011

*YOU* make our components shine!

A couple of days ago, via an email contact with a customer, we learned about the DHS project. The DHS project stands for Digital Home Server. This is best understood as a framework to create a media and application server for the living room. Media can be audio, video, family pictures etc... What is cool is the modular "application" or "widget" creation for the Digital Home Server. Applications are full screen configurable tools while widgets are small rectangles that can be positioned anywhere on the screen. Sample included widgets are a clock, a weather forecast, railway station information, etc...

As you can see in the screenshot, the Digital Home Server has a great looking user interface. We were totally impressed and happy to learn that this was created with the TMS Smooth Controls and with our beloved tool Delphi! This is really a perfect example of users letting our controls shine. Congrats to Walter Lecossois for creating this.
I'd like to invite you to have a look at Digital Home Server. It's free software! Walter is still looking for your help. Why not contribute to create more widgets. What about a widget that shows your stock quotes, a widget for your Twitter feed, a widget to alert you about your watched Ebay items, ... the possibilities are countless!
We're very excited about this impressive home server platform showing the power of Delphi and our controls. We're eager to learn about new versions, your contributions, your thoughts for new widgets and your ideas for new Smooth Controls to fit in this type of application.

If you have created equally nice looking & great software, let us know! We could feature your software here in our blog or at our page about customer applications.


Bruno Fierens

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